Schedule of Services




Saturday, April 23 - Saturday of Lazarus

Divine Liturgy 10 am
Breakfast, Palm-weaving

Sunday, April 24 - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Liturgy 10 am
AHEPA Fish Plaki dinner


1st Bridegroom Service 6:30 pm


Monday, April 25 - Holy Monday

2nd Bridegroom Service 6:30 pm
Metropolitan Nicholas is scheduled to join us for this service


Tuesday, April 26 - Holy Tuesday

3rd Bridegroom Service 6:30 pm
Hymn of Cassiane


Wednesday, April 27 - Holy Wednesday

Holy Unction Service 3:30 pm
Anointing will continue until 6:15 pm


Thursday, April 28 - Holy Thursday

Institution of the Eucharist 7:15 am

Twelve Gospels 6:30 pm


Friday, April 29 - Holy Friday

Royal Hours 8 am

Decoration of the Epitaphion 10 am 

Vespers of Apokathelosis 2 pm

Lamentations 6:30 pm


Saturday, April 30 - Holy Saturday

Divine Liturgy 10 am

Wrapping of Red Eggs 12 noon 

Paschal Vigil 11:15 pm


Sunday, May 1 - Holy Pascha

Vespers of Agape 12 noon
Easter egg hunt for children following


Your donation of dyed red eggs for Pascha can be received before or after any service this week by giving your carton to a Parish Council member at the Candle Stand. 


All parishioners—and especially children—are invited to join in for the folding of palm crosses on Lazarus Saturday, the decoration of the Epitaphion on Holy Friday, and the wrapping of eggs on Holy Saturday.