Posted: July 1st, 2013

Close, Short, Wide!

By, Fr. Mark Sietsema
Please read this entire article before you receive Communion again.  I ask this of each and every parishioner, and I ask parents to review this information  with their children.

Accidents at the chalice have been increasing, which means it is time for all of us to review our Communion etiquette.

Of all the problems that occur, 90% could be solved by parishioners remembering three simple things.

Close ...  Short ... Wide

Close: Please stand close to the chalice—so close that if you put your hand up, your thumb would touch your chin and your pinkie the chalice.  That’s about five or six inches.  And that’s how close as you need to be!

Short: Make yourself short if you are tall.  Communion is a miracle, but it obeys the Law of Gravity.  The movement into your mouth from the spoon must be downward, or there will be spills.  If you are tall—which is to say, if the rim of the chalice is below eye-level for you—you must flex your knees and tip your head back somewhat.   Stooping down and tilting back are especially important for those who do not take the Gifts from spoon with their lips, but wait for the priest to drop it in. 

Wide: Open your mouth wide, as in dentist-office wide.  A narrow strike zone means a lot of errors. 

A few more pointers:

*Say your name!

*The corner of the communion cloth is to be held by you under your chin (not under your lower lip).

*Don’t scrape the Gifts off the spoon with your teeth: use your lips like you normally do.

*Say your name!

*Hold the corner of the communion cloth for the next person to take.

*Regarding andidoron: take one piece, not one handful.

*Say your name!

Women: Please, please, please remove your lipstick before communing.  It makes an awful mess.

And, last but not least: Nice and loud, say your name!


# # #