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This year's Parish Council Meeting minutes:


January 6, 2008 - Special Meeting

Approved January 14. 2008

Members Present: Father Mark, Maria Alexander, Elaine Christofilis, Diane Dellis, Stella Economy, Hiram Fitzgerald, George Lafkas, George Mansour, Alexis Popoff, Elan Nichols
Members Absent: Dennis Branoff, Yvonne Joseph, Curt Kosal

Meeting called to order with opening prayer at 12:45 PM.

Purpose of meeting is to elect 2008 Parish Council Officers.
Father Mark opens the floor for the election of 2008 Parish Council Officers:

-Nominations for Parish Council President- G. Lafkas nominates S. Economy. S. Economy accepts the nomination, passed unanimously with voice vote. -Nominations for Parish Council Vice President- H. Fitzgerald nominates G. Mansour. G. Mansour accepts the nomination, passed unanimously with voice vote. -Nominations for Parish Council Secretary- H. Fitzgerald nominates E. Christofilis. E. Christofilis accepts the nomination, passed unanimously with voice vote. -Nominations for Parish council Treasurer- G. Lafkas nominates H. Fitzgerald. H. Fitzgerald accepts the nomination, passed unanimously with voice vote.

Other Business:
S. Economy reminds Parish Council that H. Fitzgerald has e-mailed the proposed 2008 budgets to be discussed at the January meeting. Also, M. Karagoulis has two options for the pull down screens to be installed in the Large Social Room, one is a manual pull down screen the other an electronic one. M. Karagoulis suggested the manual pull down screen because of the price difference, all agreed with this suggestion.
Meeting adjourned with closing prayer at 12:50 PM.

Elaine Christofilis, Parish Council Secretary
Stella Economy, Parish Council President
Fr. Mark Sietsema, Parish Priest

January 14, 2008

Approved, February 11, 2008

Members Present: Fr. Mark, Maria Alexander, Dennis Branoff,
Elaine Christofilis, Stella Economy, Hiram Fitzgerald, Curt Kosal,
George Lafkas, George Mansour, Elan Nichols, Alexis Popoff.
Members Absent: Diane Dellis, Yvonne Joseph

Meeting called to order with opening prayer at 7:07PM.

Welcome: S. Economy, Parish President, welcomes the new members.
All members write their hopes and wishes for Holy Trinity for the
upcoming year, all are collected and placed in an envelope to be opened
in December 2008.

Approval of December 10 meeting: Motion by G. Mansour, seconded
by D. Branoff, to accept minutes with approved revisions, passed unanimously
by voice vote.

Approval of January 6 meeting: Motion by G. Mansour, seconded
by G. Lafkas, to accept minutes with approved revisions, passed unanimously
by voice vote.

November 2007 Treasurer's Report: (H. Fitzgerald reports)
a. Bills for Payment: H. Fitzgerald motions to accept the Bills for
Payment with corrections, seconded by D. Branoff, passed unanimously
by voice vote.
b. December 2007 financial report: H. Fitzgerald explains the end
of the year reports. Discussion and questions followed. A motion by
E. Christofilis to accept all December Financial reports, seconded
by G. Mansour, passed unanimously by voice vote.

Correspondence: S. Economy reports the following has been
received: a thank you from the Traverse City mission priest for donated
chairs (sent in July, just found in mailbox); a thank you from the
family oi Nick Revelos for our donation to the Ohio Church in his
memory; a letter from Langendorf Law Firm in Ohio notifying us that
Holy Trinity is a beneficiary to Nick Revelos' Estate; a thank you
from Fr. Mark for the flowers for his father's funeral; also a thank
you from Fr. Mark's mother for the flowers; a thank you from Fr. Mark,
Mary, and Gregory for the end of the year checks; from GO ARCH- a
clergy benefits plan changing to an automatic withdrawal program on
December 31, 2007; a thank you for our fire donation;, and a letter
requesting an update of data base on National Level remit by January
31, 2008 our stewardship list; and a thank you from Capitol National
Bank for opening a new CD.

Remarks from Priest: Fr. Mark wishes everyone a Happy New
Year and welcomes the new members. Fr. Mark reports Cindy Hoag would
like to pass on the responsibility of the Bookstore to someone else
and Holy Trinity will be hosting Interfaith Day this year. Father
Mark will be on vacation from February 5th to February 22nd. A letter
from the Archdiocese Benefits Committee was received (and distributed
to all P. C. Members) stating that Holy Trinity has not complied with
the 'Electronic Withdrawal Program' and the Ancillary Benefits will
be withdrawn. Father Mark and our treasurer cleared up the situation
and it turned out to be a mistake. D. Branoff suggests writing a letter
requesting a written verification for being in compliance with the
program. S. Economy will follow through with a letter.

Remarks from the Parish Council President: S. Economy welcomed
M. Alexander and E. Nichols to the Parish Council and gave them a
copy of the Holy Trinity By-laws. S. Economy updated the Parish Council
member information as well as distributed the Sundav Service Schedule.

Committee Reports
(S. Economy will assign the head of the committees for 2008 at the
February meeting.)
a. Maintenance: S. Economy reports G. Lafkas will be the maintenance
b. Personnel: Fr. Mark requests a time sheet is given to Gregory to
fill out.
c. Stewardship: E. Christofilis and A. Popoff report as of today there
is a total of $223,289.00 pledged and a total of 186 pledged units
for 2008.

Sub Committee Reports
a. Fund-Raising-Raffle Report: G. Manosur and G. Lafkas distribute
an official report. The total revenue from the ticket sales was $7550.00.
The total expenses including the prizes were $3100.00. The total profit
was $4291.00.
b. Iconography: G. Mansour reports 45 financial statements have been
prepared to go out to the 2007 donors only.

Old Business
a. 2008 Budget (action item): H. Fitzgerald reports two 2008 Budget
scenarios (both distributed to members prior to meeting). The proposed
budget for 2008 differs from past budgets. It is not presented as
a profit and loss statement, but as a revenue and disbursement statement.
This change enables us to track and list all disbursements from our
operational fund. The two scenarios presented differ as follows: 1)
Budget 2 assumes that Fr. Mark transitions to a new salary level effective
June 1. This requires the parish council to accept Fr. Mark's tenure
in clerical orders fits the Clergy Compensation guidelines. 2) Budget
2 assumes that Fr. Mark's YMCA and cell phone use are negotiable items
(not required by the Clergy Compensation guidelines), and therefore
must be negotiated annually, or for some specified period. The two
items involved amount to $966.00. Discussion and questions followed.
D. Branoff suggests taking the roof loan and turning it into an interest
only loan, which in turn can save the church some money. D. Branoff
will look into this and get back to the council. It was also suggested
to appoint a Fund-raising committee consisting of parishioners not
on the parish council. G. Mansour moved that Fr. Mark's llth year
be introduced on June 1st, seconded by S. Economy, did not pass. D.
Branoff moved that Fr. Mark's ll"1 year be introduced on January
1st, seconded by M. Alexander, passed.. Discussion on the two negotiable
items followed. D. Branoff moved to keep Fr. Mark's membership to
the YMCA, seconded by G. Lafkas, passed. G. Mansour moved to continue
Fr. Mark's cell phone benefits passed. C. Kosal does not agree with
having the cell phone benefits as a negotiable item. G. Mansour suggests
going back to the General Assembly on February 3rd with the budget
and the adjustments made. Parish Council reviewed the 2008 budget
presented by the Parish Council Treasurer, corrections and adjustments
were made. G. Mansour moved, seconded by A. Popoff, to approve Budget
2 -with corrections, passed.

New Business
a. Social room rental contracts: S. Economy reports two wedding receptions
(200-250 people each) are requesting the renting of the Social Room-the
Stathopoulos wedding on May 17th and Worthington wedding on October
4th. G. Mansour moved to accept both rental contracts, seconded by
C. Kosal, passed by voice vote.
b. Technology upgrade proposal: H. Fitzgerald reports on the Technology
upgrade proposal. Details on the computers requested were distributed.
Funds would come out of the Capitol Fund. Discussion and Questions
followed. C. Kosal moved to purchase the Dell Vostro 200 Desktop,
Dell Vostro 1500 Notebook, and a HP printer. as well as include the
services needed, seconded by G. Lqfkas, passed by voice vote.
c. Marketing Holy Trinity: H. Fitzgerald asks how we market Holy Trinity.
The Welcome pamphlet printed in 2001 was distributed. All agreed it
needs to be updated. Several pamphlets were presented from other churches.
Discussion followed to include welcome programs, pamphlets, and website.
G. Mansour suggested getting a committee together to brainstorm ideas
and come back with a proposal. The committee will include C. Kosal,
G, Mansour, and H. Fitzgerald.
d. Memorial Garden: S. Economy reports the Philoptochos is interested
in beautifying the back patio area and are suggesting a memorial garden.
The Philoptochos is requesting an informal response in order to start
gathering ideas. Everyone agreed it is a great idea. They should go
ahead and start planning. Fr. Mark added that Ann Arbor has done something
similar and will ask the parish for information.
e. 40th Anniversary Celebration/Iconography Dedication: S. Economy
reports 2008 could be the 40th Anniversary for entering Holy Trinity
if indeed it is S. Economy suggests having a celebration to include
both the Anniversary and the Iconography Dedication. Fr. Mark reports
Archbishop is interested in coming. The Metropolitan says most of
the lighting should be in place prior to the dedication. Fr. Mark
stated that this should be kept in mind. Fr. Mark will talk to the
Metropolitan on how to proceed.

Liaisons- S. Economy will have the committees set up for the
February meeting. G. Lafkas reports Odyssey will hold a dance this
Saturday at 9:OOPM. The AHEPA will have the Greek Village Feast on
January 27th, tickets are still available. Pikilia and a Movie will
also take place on Sunday, March 2nd.
Round Table- General Assembly will take place on February 3rd.

Meeting adjourned with closing prayer at 10:15 P.M.

Elaine Christofilis, Parish Council Secretary
Stella Economy, Parish Council President
Father Mark Sietsema, Parish Priest