The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the AHEPA Room.

The members and officers of the 2017 Parish Council are:

Alex Brown (Treasurer)
Nick Gavrilides 
Matthew Heos
Chuck Hillary

Evelyn Lazaroff (Secretary)
George Lahanas
Mark Millis
Michael Prout
Fr. Mark Sietsema (Parish Priest) 
James Stajos 
George Stevenson
Nonie Vsetula
Pat Willard

Concerns about parish matters may be communicated to any member of the Council. Anyone wishing to contact the President directly may reach him by e-mail at:

Members may be reached by e-mail by clicking below:

Alex Brown: 
Nick Gavrilides:
Matthew Heos:

Chuck Hillary:
George Lahanes:
Evelyn Lazaroff:
Mark Millis:
Michael Prout:

Fr. Mark Sietsema:
James Stajos:
George Stevenson:

Nonie Vsetula:
Pat Willard: